Best Air Fryer In India October 2020 | Reviews and Buyers Guide


We all love easiness and relaxation while cooking, after a tiring day we can’t take precautions promptly in cooking as well as eating.

Our eating habits are getting deteriorating day by day from the day we started taking care of our taste and tummy, not fitness.

Okay, We understand you keep yourself unseen while eating tasty foods. We are here to keep an eye on you.

Today we came up with a handy gift of technology to make your food fare and oil-free an ‘Air Fryer’. We’ll discuss and give a thorough review and analysis of Best Air Fryers in India today.

We kept loving our Indian food coming from the pan directly to our plates with oil leaking from Pooris, Parathas. No, not now, please.

This is the decades-old culture we need to go on with but minding our health is also a good way to say Hello to yourself.

Hopefully this list makes your purchasing decision a lot easier.

Best Air Fryer in India

BrandPan CapacityBasket CapacityVoltageWarrantySuitable ForCheck Price
Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer4 L2L1230 W2 YearsCouple/Small Family
Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer6.5L5L1700 Watt2 YearsLarge families
Inalsa Crispy Fry Air Fryer2.3L1.8L1200W 2 YearsSolo/Couple
SToK Digital Air Fryer4L3.5L1500W1 YearCouple/Medium Family
Havells AirOven Digi Touch Screen2.6L4.6L 1500W2 YearsMedium/Large families
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light4.2L2.9L1400W2 YearsCouple/Medium Family

Best Air Fryer in India 2020

1. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

We are in a serious relationship with oil for several years, this air fryer came as a savior and to serve food oil-free and crispy from inside.

This sleek designed air fryer built with the Rapid air fry Technology enables the fryer to fry, roast, toast, grill, and reheat the food with hot air.

The fryer comes with a cool-touch handle to ensure you don’t burn your hand while cooking and also a separator so you can cook multiple varieties of food in a single throw without wasting any time.

Generally while using air fryer they produce false smells but this air fryer comes with an air filtration system that exhausts Bad air after cooking with proper filtration so you don’t face any bad smell.

Yes, we love eating well-cooked food and Havells made it sure that this air fryer auto shut off to overcome burnt food with its auto on-off timer.

It’s the best fit for medium to large households as the capacity of the air fryer is 4 liter which is best suitable.

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2. Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer 1700 Watt

Havells Prolife Grande

This is our first sight love and why because looking at this beautifully designed Air Fryer with a glossy finish ensuring the durability we were flattered.

As the name suggests Grand this air fryer comes with 6.5 litres of Pan capacity and 5 litres of Basket capacity which is more than sufficient for large families.

It includes an auto shut off timer up to 60 minutes to ensure your no overcooking of your crispy and delighting food.

The safety lock feature ensures distant cooking from your kids so they won’t be able to mess and hurt themselves.

Havells serving our nation since 1958 and believe us each of our Indian households carry at least one Havells product.

You don’t need to worry post-purchase as Havells will take care of warranty and servicing for up to 2 years.

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3. Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fry 1200W

Inalsa Crispy Fry

We have reviewed above air fryers that are suitable for medium to large families, now the time is for adding a great product for small families with a very phenomenal price.

Ever imagined chicken leg piece can be roasted from the upper layer till the crust with just a tablespoon of oil or less than that. It was never so crispy before until Inalsa came up with this economical air fryer.

This air fryer comes with a detachable food pan with a nonstick coating to ensure amazing oil-free cooking and the plus point is it is so easy to clean with little efforts after usage.

Adjustable knob for timer control and temperature control is there in Inalsa crispy fry air fryer so you can manually set the required temperature and time according to your recipes, this won’t be a hefty task for non-Tech friendly people who don’t know how to operate touch screen air fryers.

Just set the required temperature and time and you are good to go.

Heat indicator and power light it is there to keep you inform about current heat status and power connectivity. You can detach the basket with a single button click. Hence purchasing this will help you zero oil cooking and improving your kitchen decor.

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4. SToK Digital Air Fryer 4 Liter 1500-Watt

SToK Digital

Sudden Crave for a cake? No microwave oven in the house, don’t worry we got your back.

Stok digital air fryer could be a promise able choice for those people who love healthy cooking without compromising with the taste. The Digital LED control screen is there to control temperature and timer.

It also includes 8 preset menus to cook your favorite food items without manual interference at a single click as like on microwaves.

These presets include Fries/Chips, Lamb, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Cake, Fish. It promised 85% less oil usage in comparison to traditional fryers.

Temperature can go from 80° Celsius to 2° Celsius and can be adjusted through an LED screen with a push-button feature.

With 4 litres of Pan capacity, it would be a great choice for your small and medium-sized family.

Stok provides a 10 recipe book free of cost with this air fryer.

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5. Havells AirOven Digi 1500W

Havells AirOven Digi Touch Screen

This air fryer consists of unique Technology of its kind known as AERO Fry which cooks food by rotating air surrounded to the raw material if it is vegetarian or nonvegetarian evenly from all the sides.

With a 360° motion of air, it ensures no compromise with the taste and with no to minimal oil usage.

Specialized with toughened glass as a top material and a LED touch screen display to operate the air fryer which helps in cooking your delicious meals through your fingertips with no hassle at all.

Either you can monitor temperature and timing manually through the touch screen or Havells have provided 9 preset menus to assist you and help you to cook easily at a single click.

To make ensure no overheating it has a cool-touch handle so you won’t hurt yourself by a burn additionally it has auto switch-off function if it overheated for safe cooking.

It can be a great choice for easy operation and fluid cooking without any manual operations throw knobs like other Vintage Air Fryers.

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6. Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W

Inalsa Fry-Light

Inalsa came with Rapid air Technology which rotates hot air at 360 degrees to crisp, fry, roast and, toasts your meals.

It is ideal for sudden family gatherings, in house parties to give your imagination wings by cooking restaurant looking food at your home.

From toasting bread to roasting a chicken tikka Inalsa fry light Air fryer would be your, true mate, at any point in time.

We all love potato fries, Meatballs, and roasted chicken to a great extent and we spend match from local stores now you can craft dose similar yummy finger-licking food with your own hands with this fryer.

We suggest this Inalsa air fryer for the small to medium families as their companion in the kitchen which almost acts as a small gadget in hand.
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What is an Air Fryer?

Best Air Fryer

We are sure you have already completed the above article and review which we have written with thorough analyses and physical inspections.

Generally, air fryer works by applying a minimal to no coating of oil on raw materials and circulating hot air up to 400 degrees Celsius around it.

You can manually operate the temperature and timing present in almost all air fryers to help you with more precise cooking without negotiating with the taste.

The harder the material is the more temperature it needed to cook.

How to pick the correct Air Fryer

Air fryers are launched in no long time, it got improved from the initial days to much extent as various technologies are added and improved to enhance working of a domestic air fryer in a much convenient way.

Types of Air Fryers

Air fryers are of several types however we will discuss the main two categories that are available for consumer usages.

  • Basket Air Fryer

Basket air fryers are the most popular one among all the best-selling Air fryer in India, these fryers have a basket with them which is similar to the frying basket. This helps to store the food and to shake it within the air fryer.

  • Convection oven air fryer

These are similar convection ovens or toasters, with racks and windows to place food on and attached air frying functionality.

Advantages of Air Fryer

HealthyComfortHasslefree CookingNominal price range
An air fryer is a feature-loaded package for home cooking, a part of comfortability it maintains your health too. With up to 85% less oil you can cook the same tasty food without negotiating the taste.
Cooking with air fryer seems easy as much as convenient because of the level of operation is very basic, you do not require any prerequisite training to operate it.
Washing crockery after a deep-fry is a mess to overcome this air fryer is developed to provide you hassle-free cooking, and washing and cleansing it is very easy, with the help of a normal cloth even.
Air Fryer price in India is dominating other markets, aside from the advantages air fryer comes with a very phenomenal price, as like other heavy electronics you do not require to invest and put pressure on your pocket.

Buying Guide:


Generally, Air fryer came in multiple sizes starting from 1 litre to 20 litres, this range we are mentioning from the international market including home usage fryer and commercial ones.

For home usage, air fryers come from 1 litre to 6 litres in the Indian market. We have mentioned adequate capacity required for an Indian household at the top of the post, please consider reading that.


Air fryers are rated up to 220 volts and consumes electricity up to 0.7 units for 30 minutes as per standards.

Latest air fryers come with all the recent technology and modifications required for home consumption such as manual temperature control, manual timer controls as well as auto timers and auto shut off feature.

Thee major fryers we have listed came with Such features.

Air Fryer – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Voltage do Air Fryers use?
All the major Air Fryers operate in the range up to Rated Voltage: 220V, 60Hz for domestic use.
2. How to choose the capacity of Air Fryer?
Depending upon the family size it can be decided, however for an average count in the family can purchase 2L to 5L pan capacity.
3. Are Air Fryers safe to clean?
Yes, of course. Air Fryers do not require any special handling, the separable basket can be washed or cleaned with a kitchen cloth.
4. What about the warranty of Air Fryer?
Genrally electronics like Air Fryers come with 1 to 2 Years of domestic warranty, However, you can check our best Air Fryer list above for complete information.
5. Which oil can be used in Air Fryer?
Any food certified oil can be used to cook your delicious meals, i.e Soyabean, Rice bran, Peanut oil, etc.
6. How much time an Air Fryer takes to cook?
It’s completely upon the food, i.e meat required more time to get cooked.
7. Do Air Fryer smell while cooking?
Yes, at a very first usage you can get some bad odor, but it’s only limited till first time cooking.
8. Price of Air fryer in India?
Products we have reviewed are in very nominal price range, price of airfryer in India increases with the size of pan and basket, You can choose anyone as per your requirement.

We always suggest a leading branded Air Fryers as unbranded ones are not safe to use and rather affects your health as the plastic and other materials use in them are not from trustworthy sources.

There is no definition for top Air Fryer India, considering the technologies and advancements used we can fetch the best one out of multiples and suggest to our readers.

For your convenience, we have sorted the list for Air Fryer in India and we suggest to buy them as per your preferences and requirement, all the chosen one are not endorsed by us, we have noted our own open-source suggestions and we hope You’ll love it.

Still have questions? please comment below and we will revert them back promptly!


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