Are Drones legal in India 2020 | A Brief Review


When we used to watch beautiful videos, movies on Discovery, or HBO the cinematography these guys introduced to us has no match if we compare to domestic shoots.

We keep thinking how they managed shoot such videos at the wildest and hard to survive locations and a sudden we heard of a miniature flying copter called Drone.

The point of writing this article is it’s our fantasy to fly a drone once in our life but the first question arises at first point is Are Drones legal in India 2020?

Drone ban imposed by DGCA on October 7, 2014

The drone was completely banned by the Government of India stating, There was no static law into work backdated.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) imposed a complete ban and there was no such strict reason to impose such a ban in India.

Due to lack of provisions to book the UAV(Unmanned aerial vehicle) operators authorities are only allowed to seize the machines. There are no other directions were planned nor rules or policies in place to ensure that they are operated safely.

Surprisingly Purchasing Drone in India or listing them on major toy shops or online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc was uncapped.

Any person of 18 or over age can purchase and fly. Having said that importing them from out-seas was not allowed.

Ban lifted by DGCA on December 1, 2018

After a long wait of about 5 years and multiple petitions filed digitally DGCA lifted the ruling law stating flying of the drone is no more illegal, the machine remains in line of sight of the person using it.

The operator will be required to adhere to operational requirements, Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP) and Unique Identification Number (UIN) to use it.

The DGCA has also categories the drones in five categories:

  1. Nano: Less than or equal to 250 gm
  2. Micro: From 250 gm to 2 kg
  3. Small: From 2 kg to 25 kg
  4. Medium: From 25 kg to 150 kg
  5. Large: Greater than 150 kg

Falling under these categories users had to apply for permits and a unique identification number (UIN) for their operations with zero restrictions for Government agencies.

Rules and Regulations to operate Drone in India:

  1. Should not be operated within 5 km of their radius of the Major airports, and also not in 3 km from the perimeter of other airports.
  2. Drones should not surpass a 5 km radius of Vijay Chowk in Delhi, within 2 km from the locations notified by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and within 3 km from a radius of Secretariat.
  3. Drones should not surpass 500 m into the sea from the coastline and within 3 km from the military installations.
  4. It cannot be operated from moving platforms, such as aircraft, ships, or vehicles.
  5. Ecologically Fragile Areas around wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are also off-limits without prior permission from respected authorities.

We have covered all topics in very easy to understand language for our all readers on Are Drones legal in India? but using one with safety must be our top priority under safety guidance.

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